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The aim of Full Force Gym is to provide our clients with the best possible service in order for them to live the best possible life available to them.

This dedication to the success of our clients is reflected in the stellar testimonials represented below:

"Full force gym is the best gym I have ever trained at. I haven't enjoyed exercise before but not only do I get an amazing workout from these classes, I also have fun. I completed the 6 week challenge and reached my goal with a loss of 12.4 kg. I had never done this type of training before but that didn't matter. The trainers teach, motivate and push you. Everyone is so friendly and encouraging. I have a five month old baby which I was able to bring with me to the gym and even had help from the trainers looking after him so I could continue to train. I highly recommend this gym."

Rachael Lindsay

"Full force the best place ever, experienced trainers supportive and encouraging people, friendly atmosphere, awesome place. I joined for 6 weeks training now I’m gonna do the membership soon. I have also joined my son because this is the right place for me, my son and I guess for everyone who is trying be fit and strong!! Don't delay people, stop thinking go for it."

Saritha Aaru

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"What can i say, this place is great. At first i was a bit nervous about going into another gym and starting to train again but those fears were soon put to rest. The team at Full Force are so welcoming that i felt at home immediately. The classes are exceptional and the instructors really do show a high degree of knowledge in their discipline but they also show a high degree of care as they are happy to help you and make sure you are doing things correctly and safely. At no point in time did i feel as if i could not approach one of them and ask for advice or to critique my movements. This place feels less like a gym and more like a family. Everyone is welcoming, there is no bravado and macho behaviour but plenty of support and encouragement from students and instructors. Completing the 6 week challenge here was a great experience and I dropped 14 kg in 6 weeks. The support of all the staff and other students really made a difference and made something difficult become much more fluid. I will continue to train here not just because it has reignited my enjoyment of kickboxing but because of how welcoming it is. I cannot recommend this place enough. From the students and staff like Yvonne, to Reinhardt the proprietor and owner of the gym, they all all exemplary people and make it a great place to train."

Chris Levin

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