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Full Force is a family run gym with a strong dedication to producing the best results in the art of kick kickboxing and muay thai.

World Champion Reinhard ‘Bad Ass’ Badato and family have the experience and skills to produce young champions of all ages, male and female.

Reinhard has trained many successful competitors in the international sport such as Henry Pinto, Ray Linfanti, Joe Concha as well as his two younger brothers Von and Michael.

With many more promising young champions in the making, we’re determined to train competitors who will go on to succeed in the sport and conquer the international arena.

We’re proud of our reputation for producing some of the best kickboxers and muay thai professionals in the country.

Over the last 13 years, we’ve gradually built up our gym and expanded to be able to train at any level, from the very beginner right through to international competition level.

All our instructors are fully qualified and highly experienced professionals in the industry with a commitment to passing on their expertise to the next generation.

We cater to all levels of skill and interest from top level training programs right through to beginners who are keen to get fit while learning new skills and meeting others who share their interest.

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Boxing Fitness

Our gym is all about fitness and strength of mind and soul as well as the body and we’re keen to teach our clients how they can achieve a balance of all three.

Kickboxing and muay thai are growing in popularity because of the combination of skills that practitioners benefit from.

Our gym has seen strong and steady growth in these time honoured arts and we welcome any queries you may, just give us a call or visit our website.

Located in the Summit Complex at 40 Third Avenue, Blacktown, our gym is easy to find and you’ll find our friendly and helpful staff can fill you in on what we do.

Because we’re experts at what we do, we can achieve quick results for anyone at any level of fitness while passing on skills and knowledge that will keep you strong and active for years to come.

So come along and talk to us and find out more about the best kept secret in Blacktown which is fast becoming the best known gym in the area.

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